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runnersEZToRegister.com offers an online database of multiple events and activities, from 5K runs and marathons, cycling races, triathlons, and special events including banquets, conventions, and seminars. Online registration makes participation fast and convenient, saves time, increases registrations, and boost awareness for your event. Event coordinators can access offline and online data from the internet. Easy step-by-step event set up for coordinators and easy and convenient registration for participants. No upfront fees to set up online registration and lower “per registration” cost than any online service.  Bundle our timing services and online to receive free results text messaging and QR code. NEW! We offer RaceJoy (racejoy.com), real time tracking, allows spectators to view your progress throughout the entire race. In addition we assist in promoting your event through our running club(Runner's High Club) with over 800 Facebook members!

We've built our new business providing technology application services and marketing access that effectively meet the needs of multiple organizations.

Our technology solutions support participation and management of any sport, activity or event imaginable. Customer service professionals provides dedicated support for every organizer and consumer. Our resources are focused on the needs of our customers, and have been from day one. We're always working on new solutions to improve the experience for organizers and their customers. eztoregister.com provides software and services to help organizations automate registration, payment, communication and data management.

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